MIT654 Emerging Topics in IT

Unit outline

Important Update: Our aim is to provide you with an optimal learning experience, regardless of how this unit is delivered. Teaching will be delivered in line with the most current COVID Safe health guidelines.  This may include a mix of online and face-to-face.  Please check the learning management system for announcements and updates. Thank you for your flexibility and commitment to studying with Sydney Institute of Higher Education. 
Enrolment modes: Year 2, Semester 2
Credit point(s): 12.5
EFTSL value: 0.125
Prerequisite: MIT653  Research Methods
Typical study commitment: Students will on average spend 10 hours per week over the teaching period undertaking the teaching, learning and assessment activities for this unit.
Scheduled learning activities: 4 timetabled hours per week, 6 personal study hours per week

Unit description 

This unit focuses on emerging topics in information technology. Students will explore how information technology will affect the planet from different perspectives such as poverty, education, globalization, energy management, health, equities, industry, and sustainability. There are many theories regarding technology-enabled business transformation and acceptance of those technologies. Students will gain perspectives on understanding how innovative IT technologies will emerge, generate new revenues, and increase demand for IT jobs. The unit will help students stay abreast of emerging information technologies to determine the impact on the industries and the opportunities for the organisations.

Unit learning outcomes (ULO)   

On the successful completion of this units student will be able to:
ULO1 Propose appropriate methodology for investigation of emerging information technologies effects on sustainability.
ULO2 Analyse, evaluate and conceptually map the role of emerging information technologies in transforming one business domain.
ULO3 Research and survey literature on emerging information technology topics.
ULO4 Evaluate and propose solutions for the digital transformation in different industries by emerging information technologies.
ULO5 Develop a broad and coherent theoretical knowledge of ethical and sustainability issues impacting the use of technology.

Topics to be included in the unit

1. Introduction to Emerging Topics in IT
2. Digital Transformation and related Theories
3. How Information Technology is affecting the planet: Poverty, Education, Globalization, Energy Management, Health, Equity and Fairness, Sustainability
4. The role of Data in Information Technology Revolution
5. Emerging Topics in IT: Data Analytics (Responsible AI, Explainable AI, Informed AI, Generative AI, Data Fabric, Emotion AI)
6. Emerging Topics in IT: Digital Enterprise (Robotics, Digital Humans, AI-Driven Innovation, Decentralized Finance, Industry Cloud, Light Cargo Delivery Drones, Flying Autonomous Vehicles, Industry 4.0)
7. Emerging Topics in IT: Web Development (Augmented Intelligence, decentralized Web)
8. Emerging Topics in IT: Networking and Cybersecurity (IOT, Digital Twins, Edge Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence)
9. Cyber-Privacy and Security
10. Cloud Technology
11. Blockchain (Homomorphic Encryption)
12. Immersive Workplace & Revision


Assessment Description Grading and weighting
(% total mark for unit)
Indicative due week 
Assessment 1: Quiz 20% 5
Assessment 2: Group Presentation 10% 10
Assessment 3: Group Report 30% 11
Assessment 4: Group Research Presentation 40% Final exam week

The assessment due weeks provided may change. Your lecturer will clarify the exact assessment requirements, including the due date, at the start of the teaching period.