BIT316 Capstone 2

Unit outline

Important Update: Our aim is to provide you with an optimal learning experience, regardless of how this unit is delivered. Teaching will be delivered in line with the most current COVID Safe health guidelines.  This may include a mix of online and face-to-face.  Please check the learning management system for announcements and updates. Thank you for your flexibility and commitment to studying with Sydney Institute of Higher Education. 
Enrolment modes: Year 3, Semester 2
Credit point(s): 12.5
EFTSL value: 0.125
Prerequisite: Completed at least 16 units including BIT310 Capstone 1
Typical study commitment: Students will on average spend 10 hours per week over the teaching period undertaking the teaching, learning and assessment activities for this unit.
Scheduled learning activities: 4 timetabled hours per week, 6 personal study hours per week
Other resource requirements: Students will need access to lab computers or will need their own laptops in order to carry out the design and implementation of their IT project.

Unit description 

This unit is one of two core capstone units. In this second capstone unit, students will continue to work together in teams to execute, monitor, and document an Information Technology (IT) project, following the plan created in BIT310 (Capstone 1). Building upon BIT310 unit, its aim is to give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) program to date to execute the completion of a planned real-world project. In this unit, students will apply their disciplinary and professional knowledge and skills to refine and extend the existing deliverables. Students will use appropriate quality assurance techniques to ensure they are meeting the project requirements. Students are expected to work professionally in a team of 3-4 members to deliver a high quality project outcome. The final software product is to be delivered as a professional package that can be deployed and used as is by stakeholders. This unit contains also a task which requires students to individually reflect on their activities towards the project and relate these activities to the unit learning outcomes and ACS’s CBOK.

Unit Outline Outcomes (ULO)

  On the successful completion of this units student will be able to:  
ULO1 Build a correct, efficient and robust software system from specification.  
ULO2 Deliver a solution to a significant problem using appropriate software development and software project management tools and techniques.  
ULO3 Manage time and resources in a professional and ethical manner, in the face of changing needs and environment, to achieve project goals.  
ULO4 Employ professional communication to persuade an audience that a project plan will achieve objectives.  
ULO5 Work effectively as a member of a team and lead when required.  

Topics to be included  

1. Introduction and Assessment Tasks Overview
2. Project Change Management
3. Project Risk Management
4. Progressive Demo and Retrospective for Sprint 3
5. Ethics
6. Project Communications Management
7. Project Stakeholder Management
8. Progressive Demo and Retrospective for Sprint 4
9. Project Quality Management
10. Project Performance Management
11. Final Project Report and Code
12. Final Project Demo/Presentation


Assessment Description Grading and weighting
(% total mark for unit)
Indicative due week 
Assessment 1: Student Participation (Individual) 20% 12
Assessment 2: Group Assignment 1 15% 4
Assessment 3: Group Assignment 2 15% 8
Assessment 4: Group Assignment 3 15% 12
Assessment 5: Group Assignment 4 25% 12
Assessment 6: Reflection Task (Individual) 10% 13
Assessment 7: Core Program Knowledge Exam Nil Final week

The assessment due weeks provided may change. Your lecturer will clarify the exact assessment requirements, including the due date, at the start of the teaching period.