BIT302 Website Design

Unit outline

Important Update: Our aim is to provide you with an optimal learning experience, regardless of how this unit is delivered. Teaching will be delivered in line with the most current COVID Safe health guidelines.  This may include a mix of online and face-to-face.  Please check the learning management system for announcements and updates. Thank you for your flexibility and commitment to studying with Sydney Institute of Higher Education.
Enrolment modes: Year 3, Semester 1
Credit point(s): 12.5
EFTSL value: 0.125
Prerequisite: BUS102 Introduction to IT, BIT103 Web Application Development
Typical study commitment: Students will on average spend 10 hours per week over the teaching period undertaking the teaching, learning and assessment activities for this unit.
Scheduled learning activities: 4 timetabled hours per week, 6 personal study hours per week
Other resource requirements: Access to a Computer, Notepad++, Google Chrome, MySQL, W3Schools PHP Server

Unit Description

This unit familiarises students with the web design process. Students will prototype screen-based designs using scripting and markup languages such as HTML, CSS. Also, students will be introduced to the concepts, language, requirements, and procedures that support the liaison between designers and technical specialists by using coding and other software-based techniques to build and manage a website.

Unit learning outcomes (ULO)   

  On the successful completion of this units student will be able to:
ULO1 Demonstrate the ability to use the HTML and CSS programming language.
ULO2 Resolves written HTML and CSS codes.
ULO3 Administer already designed pages via HTML and CSS codes.
ULO4 Demonstrate appropriate experience in interacting between a website and a server.
ULO5 Become familiar with graphic design principles related to web design.
ULO6 Understand how to plan and visualize a webpage pre design phase

Topics to be included in the unit

1. Web Design Basics and Principles
2. Introduction to HTML with Webpages
3. Images, Tables, and Lists
4. Background and Form
5. Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
6. Introduction to JavaScript with HTML
7. Introduction to PHP
8. Interactive Pages: Searching
9. Authentication: Login Sessions
10. MySQL in Webpages
11. Webpage Publishing and Hosting
12. Further Presentation Issues


Assessment Description Grading and weighting
(% total mark for unit)
Indicative due week
Assessment 1: Class Participation 10% 12
Assessment 2: Individual Assignment 30% 9
Assessment 2: Group Assignment 30% 12
Assessment 3: Final Exam 30% Final exam week

The assessment due weeks provided may change. Your lecturer will clarify the exact assessment requirements, including the due date, at the start of the teaching period.