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Students who wish to withdraw from a program at the Sydney Institute of Higher Education are strongly encouraged to speak with the Program Director and/or a relevant student support officer in order to discuss their reason for withdrawal and future plans.

Students may apply to the Student Administration Coordinator to withdraw from their program.

Full details as to the circumstances when a student may withdraw from their course or unit are listed in the Enrolment Policy.

Students are not guaranteed a place in the program from which they have withdrawn. If they wish to be re-admitted in future, they must go through the program application and admissions process.

International Students
All procedures defined above are available to international students, however, international students must remain aware of their visa conditions and the effect that program modification may have on their enrolment and consequent visa requirements. The Sydney Institute of Higher Education must take into account the impact of an international student’s application on their visa when evaluating applications.

The Sydney Institute of Higher Education will only grant program deferrals and leaves of absence and impose temporary suspensions on serious grounds such as compelling or compassionate circumstances.

The Sydney Institute of Higher Education recognises its obligation to report any changes to the enrolment details of an international student through the Provider Registration and International Student Management System (PRISMS) system.

Full details are provided in the Enrolment Policy, Monitoring Academic Progress Policy and Procedures for Monitoring Program Progress of International Students.

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