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Sydney Institute of Higher Education provides a range of free student support services including:

  • Academic support programs
  • Special consideration 
  • Student counselling
  • Accessibility and disability

Our student administration team is at your service, offering guidance to both internal and external support resources, alongside expert advice on financial aid options. They are ready to address your questions, help you schedule appointments with the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Officer, and ensure you receive the support you need. Should you have a query they cannot immediately answer, they will promptly connect you with the right expert for assistance.

Student administration will be available during business hours at:

Address: Level 3, 695-699 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: +61 2 8098 1288

Email: [email protected]

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Student support

Special consideration

We will grant special consideration to students who have experienced extenuating circumstances such as:

  • Medical conditions
  • A severe and sudden change of domestic circumstances
  • Emotional trauma and loss
  • Falling victim to crime
  • Legal duties
  • Misadventure
  • Attending academic competitions
  • Sporting commitments at state level and higher
  • Attending jury duty or other legal matters
  • Birth or adoption of a child.


Student counselling

Our student support staff will be able to refer students to external non-academic support services depending on the nature of the query.

Our Student Counselling and Wellbeing Officer can assist with:

  • Free counselling for all students
  • Advice and support regarding day-to-day and administrative matters
  • Advice and support for international students, including referral to external services where appropriate

You can contact the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Officer by sending an email to [email protected].

Accessibility and disability

We are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment for all students. This encompasses complete access to every facet of our program delivery, associated activities, and online resources. We guarantee that our academic and non-academic support services are accessible to every student, without exception.

Our infrastructure is thoughtfully designed to accommodate all needs, ensuring that any necessary adjustments are made to facilitate full participation for students, including those with disabilities. We are dedicated to upholding accessibility throughout our institution, a commitment that is reflected in our comprehensive policies, such as the Disability Support Policy, IT Resources and Online Conduct Policy, Library and Information Resources Policy, and the Information for Students Policy. These policies underscore our pledge to create an environment where every student can thrive.